Cinco de Mayo, Cummins Station ₱ ₱

Inside Cummins Station

If we were selected to perform at the halftime of the Super Bowl, here's what'd we do...

The set is the streets of Bakersfield, CA. Cue the iconic "Welcome to Bakersfield" sign. Nacho rides out in the back of Mr. Aguila wearing his Dwight Yoakam jeans and trademark '97 Levi's denim jacket. He launches into the riff from Yoakam's classic "Fast as You." Cut to Chacho in the spotlight standing right above the "B" in Bakersfield. Chacho starts agressively air strumming his '98 Melissa Ethridge Ovation.

TL;DR For the grande finale Nacho joins Chacho on top of the sign where they attempt a Garth-Brooks-Standing-Outside-the-Fire-Tour guitar smash. Chacho falls off the Bakersfield sign. The crowd is horrified.

Nacho's Tip

Do not give your phone number away to any business. There are pretty much only two unique strings that data aggregation services can use to identify you–your social security number and your phone number.

Chacho's Truth

  • Congratulations to 2015 NFL Hall of Fame inductee, Mick Tinglehoff
  • We were amazed when we discovered that Pitchfork gave Yankee Hotel Foxtrot a 10
  • We call them weak, who are unable to resist the slightest chance love might exist and for that forsake it all
Garth Brooks guitar smashing
Garth Brooks action shot 2
Garth Brooks action shot 1
The margarita
The margarita

Typical Ranchero Juice

Salsa, guacamole, and queso dip
Queso spilled on the menu at Cinco de Mayo Cummins Station
The chips and salsa
The Riunite Margarita at Cinco de Mayo

Chacho's been doing this for a long ass time

The bathroom at Cinco de Mayo Cummins Station

Nacho had a blast shooting this bathroom

The bar at Cinco de Mayo
Coors light sign on the exterior wall of Cinco de Mayo
cinco-de-mayo-cummins-station's cool neon sign

This is an accurate rendering of the margarita they serve

The booths ast cinco de mayo
The ambience