El Torero ₱ ₱ ₱

Down Whitebridge to the Stein Mart parking lot next to the Sally Beauty Supply. If you get to the Play it Again Sports you've gone too far.

We left El Torero feeling like The Pet Shop boys and asking ourselves, "What did [we] do to deserve this?" Walking up to the front door we first noticed the bathroom tile on the exterior facade. Stepping inside, Nacho startled himself with an accidental camera flash as he attempted to get a photo of the restaurant's 70s-lake-house wood paneling.

We ran to the very last booth in the back as a huge ball of fire erupted from a wok in the kitchen. We were soon approached by a man sweating profusely and wearing a hairnet. Clearly this place cares about customer service because the same employee that cooks your food serves it to you. A dedicated employee ensures your meal meets their low standards all the way from bag of frozen chicken terriyaki to your tortilla.

Nacho's Tip

If you're desperate enough to eat here, then your phone is probably dead too. Go to the booth in the back right. There's a half-uncovered electrical outlet on level with the seat.

Chacho's Truth

  • This place sucked and this post was equally shitty. Sorry.
  • We forgot to time it but the food came out fast.
  • They serve Cherry Coke and milkshakes.
  • The basket for the chips looks like they bought it at a church supply store.
  • Don't eat at Mexican restaurants that have woks.
  • You can't hack your life.
The front counter
Our booth in the back
El baño
Shark painting

The top of Chacho's head

Chips and salsa
El Torero Menu
The chips

The chips came in an offering basket

The margaritas

The margs came in a glass well-suited to lemonade at the country club

The Hunts logo on the menu
The Land O'Lakes logo on the menu.
The menu was extremely large.

The menu was extremely large and oriented in an unexpected manner. It was a custom large paper size. The designer really outdid themselves with this innovation.

The blinds at the restaurant.

The longest row of blinds Chacho has ever seen

A bag of frozen chicken niblets cooked in a firey wok.

A bag of frozen chicken niblets prepared in a firey wok

Electrical outlet in the back booth.

The booth in the back right is great for charging your device

The exterior facade.