La Hacienda ₱ ₱

When you pass the huge cash title and loans place on Nolensville start looking.

Chacho and Nacho here. We're typing this from Nacho's brand new Samsung SM-G900V Galaxy S5. We had a serious language barrier with our waiter at this place, so much so that Chacho must have ordered The Poison Bistec Ranchero instead of the regular Bistec Ranchero. While eating it he said "This is the best thing I've ever consumed," only to be consumed by a debilitating norovirus the next day.

In fact he was so put out that Nacho had to bring over 3 large Gatorades and a large Sprite. Both of us agree that Citrus Cooler is by far the best Gatorade flavor. You might remember that Michael Jordan was fond of it. It really tastes more like oranges than the actual "orange" flavor. Blue reminds him of summer days on the golf course. Nacho considered buying Fierce Melon too, but felt that was too much of a gamble.

La Hacienda was quite good.

Nacho's Tip

Sit close to a window. You'll get to see at least 7 or 8 emergency vehicles pass by with their lights on before your beef tacos are ready.

Chacho's Truth

  • Some guy here had a 64oz marg and was not up to the task.
  • They make their own tortillas and sell them next door at the semi-detached grocery store bearing the same name. These puppies will liven up any fiesta.
  • It's always a good sign when a work truck slams into the concrete barrier en fronte the main entrance.
  • The steak tacos here are legit.
  • Barack Obama once ordered the tacos here.
  • Deliver WOW Through Service.
They played La Liga on the tv
The chips and salsa

The best chips and salsa we've had in Nashville to date

The menu at La Hacienda
The guacamole

You can only go so far with your guac if you pre-make it and put it in a fridge

The Gracias mural next to our table

The gracias mural on the wall at our table

The chicken enchiladas

Great steak tacos, but Nacho's chicken enchiladas were not as good as Little Mexico

The bistec ranchero

Just 24 hours before this would wreak havoc on Chacho

Nacho was very pleased with the chips and salsa

Very satisfied with the chips and salsa

The bathroom

If R2-D2 was vomiting garbage bags

The mural in the parking lot.

If you look closely you'll notice two terrifying giants in this scene

The exterior sign for La Hacienda.

Can you imagine a worse place to eat al fresco? (Chacho y Nacho got into a brief argument about the etymology of the term "al fresco" while writing this caption.)