Las Maracas ₱ ₱

On Gallatin Road, next to the Family Dollar and the VERY small Pizza Hut.

There are no frills—just laminate tables, an unseen bar behind a wall, two main dining rooms and a large outside patio/deck which is enclosed with Visqueen (often misspelled visquine) for the winter months.

Chacho's meal was fantastic. Beleaguered by the sheer size of the menu, he was tempted to order the “American Plate” just to see what would happen, but surprised even himself by ordering the T-Bone Steak Ranchero. No attempt was made to request a cooking temp for the steak.

Adding to the vibe were a caballero, four loud drunks, and a bunch of families. The menu is oversized. Counting specials, one could eat here three times a week for an entire year and never order the same thing.

Nacho's Tip

Men, remember the worst part about your high-school-sports physical? They're checking for an abdominal hernia, right? I don't get why touching your balls and coughing helps them figure that out. Wait, maybe that was just my coach.

Chacho's Truth

  • The chips are corn-ish, lightly salted, and somewhat thick.
  • The house margarita tasted like it came from Kroger.
  • If you're ever gonna find a silver lining, it's gotta be a cloudy day.
The guac, queso, and salsa
The T-Bone Ranchero
A salsa spill
Queso spill
The menu
Gotta serve Pacifico
The chips
The salsa
The Margaritas
Coke glasses
Exterior wall

You can see the phone number from a mile away.

Bathroom sink
The bathroom door.
Slogan on the wall.
>Urinal in the men's bathroom..
Our food
A salsa spill