Las Palmas ₱ ₱

It's over there in the Kroger parking lot on Franklin road next to the bbq restaurant and the liquor store.

Chacho and Nacho have more experience with strip-mall Mexican fare than practically anybody in town. All that experience couldn't help us stomach the margaritas at the Kroger Franklin Road Las Palmas. Nacho's hermano was along for this review and mercifully he ordered the queso. The cheese was pretty much all we enjoyed.

Leaving this spot Nacho remarked that he hadn't felt this bad since finishing one of those yard-long drinks you wear around your neck in Las Vegas.

Nacho's Tip

The chips, salsa, guacamole, and house margaritas are a no-go. I guess maybe just get a large fountain Coke, a bean burrito, and then call 'er a day.

Chacho's Truth

Our food

Unlike us, this guy did not eat at Las Palmas before the Ty Segall show

The front door
The menu
Our food
the margaritas
Our food
The toilet
The sink in the bathroom
The chips
The salsa
The guacamole
Our food
A queso drip
Our food
View from the Kroger parking lot