Rosepepper ₱ ₱ ₱

About a half mile on Eastland past the old-man-cult-building with no windows. As soon as you go down the hill and over the ditch start looking for parking.

It was Christmastime, so we felt the need to go to Christmas Berry. Better known as eastern Nashville's Rosepepper Cantina. (A Rosepper is a Mexican Christmas berry.)

Chacho and Nacho both had the carnitas. Reader, one thing you should know, Chacho's had more Carnitas than practically anyone in Middle Tennesse. These are good.

Update: We came back for early-evening Valentine's Day margaritas. We're two straight dudes that eat a lot of meals together. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Nacho's Tip

I know you want to put chips into your mouth every second you're at a Mexican restaurant. Here's a tip: after you finish your first basket just break off tiny portions and dip them in the salsa. Your boca will never know you didn't eat a full chip!

Chacho's Truth

  • The guac is fresh and tasty, but Chacho's not trying to mess with those big-ass, pillowy chip thingy's in it.
  • People don't think of Cisco as being that important, but that is a huge company.
  • Watch Sturgill Simpson break up a fight in Kentucky
  • Your attitude is the most important part of your day.
The Menu at Rosepepper

House Especialades

The chips and guac

These fat chips are nasty

Our crumpled up napkins

Our evening's contributions to the local landfill

The chips and trio of salsas at Rosepepper

The ranchero music of salsa

Chacho's receipt

Chacho wants to know why his bill was twice that of Nacho

Nacho's receipt


Another view of the chips and guac

Nacho looked like Rafiki from the Lion King when he took this with his iPad

Rosepepper's cool neon sign

Rosepepper means "Christmas berry"

The bar at Rosepepper

The bar looks like this after two margaritas

The Rosepepper margaritas

Chacho wants to know why these margaritas are clear